The Time I Snapchatted a Celebrity and He Opened It.

Hi there!

I have been lacking inspiration recently, so I am going to take you back to a moment in my life that I will probably forget in a year, but still remember 2 months later.

If you are a rimgres.jpgeal or an ironic fan of “The Bachelor Nation” and watch all 3 shows (The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise), you may know/have a crush on a contestant that was on the most recent Bachelorette season. His name is Wells Adams. Now I know many of you do not know him and I’m not sure if he qualifies as a real celebrity, but it’s my blog and I don’t really give a shit. He is enough of a celebrity.

Oh, also, yes I watch these shows. I began watching The Bachelor last year to connect more with my now best friends/roommates and I can’t stop. HONESTLY IT’S A TRAINWRECK AND I JUST CANNOT LOOK AWAY. And the clothes are cute. And some of the boys are cute. Perfect segue back the story.

So Wells, I had a crush on him. Partly because he resembles my boyfriend and partly because he was not the stereotypical bachelor contestant. I won’t tell you all about him, but here’s a 5 word summary: he’s skinny and loves dogs.

Recently, almost all celebs have started to allow fans to follow them on snapchat. I had never added a celebrity before and did not know if you send them a snapchat it will deliver. I thought it would say “pending” because they did not add you back. I added Wells on Snapchat. I was at the dentist and brilliantly decided, since he would never actually see this, to send him a selfie wearing the ridiculous sunglasses my dentist makes me wear. FullSizeRender-2.jpg

This is the actual photo I sent.

I then closed snapchat, not even thinking about what I just did. I reopened it a few minutes later to see that it actually delivered. And Wells actually opened it 3 minutes after I sent it to him. No reply.

I do not want you to think I was embarrassed by this. I honestly just couldn’t stop thinking about how many snapchats he probably gets a day of girls trying to look super hot with a ton of makeup on and then in the middle of all of those, he gets a photo of an actual thumb wearing sunglasses.

Our relationship has not progressed.

EXCEPT, about a week later he posted a snapchat story that was nearly identical to the snapchat I sent him. Exhibit A (or would this be C because its the third photo). DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DID NOT COPY MY JOKE WELLS. IMG_8548.PNG

So there you have it. Moral of the story: send whatever you want to famous people on snapchat (not gross or scary things though, obviously).

So sorry about how dumb this post was, but it makes me laugh every time I think about it. Hopefully I will get some good inspiration soon.

Oh wells,




3 thoughts on “The Time I Snapchatted a Celebrity and He Opened It.

  1. Lol, had a good giggle as I DO watch the Bachelor / Bachelorette (albeit the Australian version)!! I strangely believe there are a handful of genuine contestants there and I hope your Wells was one of them. But you must be stoked in the form of his reply (despite stunting your relationship of course)! 😆


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