I Accidentally Won a Scavenger Hunt

Hello!!! I have been MIA because I just started back at school and have been settling in for the past week. NOT TO FEAR, I AM BACK.

School has been great so far, besides the inevitable return to dining hall food.

I am a sophomore this year and the only difference is now I am more comfortable being weird in public. Yesterday, my friend, Abby, and I led a team of first year students on a big scavenger hunt called, “Metro Madness.” It takes place every year and is a pretty big deal for the new students. The objective is to ride the metro around D.C. and complete ridiculous tasks and Instagram pictures of them for points; the team with the most points at the end wins. Pretty basic stuff.

Since we had only signed up to be leaders the night before and had NO game plan, Abby and I were not trying to win. Some teams run the entire time and make sure all members have money on their metro card prior to the competition. Nope. I didn’t even bring a backpack. Apart from our identical outfits, we thought we were the most unprepared leaders. IMG_8868.JPGThis photo shows our perfect color coordination.

Our team name was Forest Glen (No, we didn’t get to pick it. I would’ve wanted something with more PIZAZZ like Sparkling Kickboxers) and our team was actually very into the event. It felt kind of like being parents with toddlers running around. When the race to the metro began, our team went a more complicated way and ran down a VERY steep hill that could have easily caused an injury before we even started. That is the moment I realized we forgot to give the team members/children our phone numbers in case they got lost. Mother of the year award.

After scrambling on the metro and trying to get the Instagram set up, I did distribute my number.

When there is an Instagram for at least 200 people trying to post as many pictures as they can at the same time, it is going to have a malfunction. And it did. Mom who breaks technology when she tries to use it award. I ended up making a separate account for just my team and #forestglen on every single picture. Keep this in mind. This is important.

Team Forest Glen only made it to 3 of the 5 stops, we took a break to eat shake shack, and walked the whole time. Not the typical formula for WINNING. However, we completed a lot of the challenges for those areas and did the general challenges more than once, which I guess really racked up some points. It would take too long to explain the challenges so if you are actually interested beyond this, our Instagram is @forestglencua. Mom who tries to brag about her children over Facebook award.

Finally, with sore feet and sweaty everything, we returned back to campus laughing about how bad we thought we did. Granted, I didn’t do this freshman year and had nothing to compare it to. There was food back at the starting location after to celebrate. They ran out of pizza and I didn’t get any. Reread that sentence a few times. I can’t talk about it more because I will get worked up again. Mom who just… can’t anymore award.

The moment of truth: they had announced the third and second place winners and I had decided no way would we get first. I don’t think I was fully paying attention. That’s when they said “and for first place…FOREST GLEN.”

Not one person on my team cheered. This wasn’t because we weren’t excited, we were just confused. We all kind of walked towards each other like “What the hell…?” Turns out we actually killed the competition.

Remember how I hashtagged our team name on every single picture? I think that is how we won because a lot of teams didn’t do that. MOM WHO DOES TOO MUCH ON SOCIAL MEDIA AWARD. LITERALLY.  (is that a mom stereotype??)

Anyway, so now we get a really nice home-cooked meal as a prize. It’s an amazing time to be in the scavenger hunt field. It’s really thriving. I’m changing my major to Professional Scavenger Hunter. That took a weird turn. Sorry for that joke. As Bo Burnham would say, “A lesser comedian would’ve milked that for four verses,” or in my case, sentences, “and a better comedian wouldn’t have done it at all.”

My final advice for all of you peasants: always stop at Shake Shack in high intensity competition.

I still don’t know how we won,


p.s. I know “sparkling kickboxers” was weird. Don’t think I would’ve said that and not acknowledged it. I was in a black hole of parentheses and didn’t know how to get out.




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