I Asked My Friends to Tell Me Jokes and I Was Extremely Disappointed

Today I am procrastinating. I’m leaving my home Friday for my cousin’s wedding and from the venue to school (in Washington D.C.) on Sunday. Therefore, I have to be packed for the weekend and the rest of the year. Naturally, I am doing everything in my power to put it off.

I have a Facebook group chat with about 12 of my friends and we all have very dominant opinions/personalities. In an attempt to get inspiration for this blog and continue my streak of doing nothing, I asked for some of their favorite/corny jokes. Now, looking back, I’m not entirely sure if I know what corny means. I was expecting clever, but I asked for corny. My disappointment was begotten by my own ignorance!!!! I was disappointed nonetheless. Sorry friends.

The first joke: “Knock knock” “Who’s there” “Boo” “Boo who?” “Don’t cry it’s only a joke.” THIS WAS REALLY THE FIRST RESPONSE.
One of the last jokes: “Knock knock” “Who’s there” “Europe” “Europe Who” “No, YOU’RE A POO.” This joke was followed by someone else saying, “We’ve done it everyone. We’ve attained the highest plain of comedy,” which made me laugh harder than any of the actual jokes.

I’m not including all of the jokes because I am terrible at distinguishing appropriate jokes from offensive ones. I’m not in the mood to swim in that grey area which could warrant a text/call from someone who thinks I’m actually swimming in an area that is the color of sin (Is that red???).

However, there were a few 100% appropriate jokes that received a good response from the rest of the group chat (I was still very underwhelmed).
Honorable mentions:
“Did you hear about the nun who quit? She really kicked her habit.”
“Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a mint.”
“The past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.” I did chuckle at this one. I must be honest. Grammar!!!

I’m sorry if you are irrationally angry at my anonymous friends for infecting your brain with their comedy. I promise they are usually very witty. Just think, even though the jokes were bad, you could be doing that task you’re putting off by reading this blog.
If you had a good laugh, then I’m glad I could help you delay productivity!

Comment if you have a joke to help me procrastinate more!!

Happy Not Packing,


P.S. Thank you friends for being such good sports.


3 thoughts on “I Asked My Friends to Tell Me Jokes and I Was Extremely Disappointed

  1. This is the joke that was “offensive” and therefore didn’t make the post despite it being CLEARLY the best joke submitted:

    Q: What do you call 2 Mexican firefighters?
    A: José and Hose B!

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