An Open Letter to Strangers with Dogs

Let’s make open letters about important things from now on. By important things, I mean dogs. Always dogs.

Dear stranger walking down the street with God’s most precious gift,

Please let me pet your dog.

I love your dog more than most people. I don’t know it’s name, but it is probably beautiful and fitting. I can take an educated guess to determine his or her breed, but please let me ask. Is it a cockapoo? Yellow Lab? Shetland sheepdog? I would like to get to know this member of your family. Our paths have crossed and I know that fate has put this pooch in my life. A fleeting moment it will be, but I will cherish that moment as long as I live. I will not pet it too hard, nor will I accidentally step on it’s paw. If I have access to a treat, I will gladly share it.

It may be annoying to have strangers constantly delaying your walk, but think about the joy your dog and the lucky human share while they get to know each other. I especially want to meet your dog when I am at college because my pup, Clyde, is 150 miles away (ask any college student who leaves a dog behind, we all agree). I was even given a pillow with my dogs face on it so I don’t miss him too much. That is 100% true. It was a present.

I’ll leave you with a dog joke, stranger: What does a scientist’s dog do with bones?


Please let me meet your dog.


This post was inspired by the many dogs that passed me in a park yesterday. I was only able to pet one. Tragedy.

This is a photo of my dog, he’s a cockapoo named Clyde. Isn’t he the most amazing perfect being in the whole universe?
This is my pillow of Clyde. It lives on my bed.
elf dog
*College Students* I’ve seen this meme on twitter a million times and it always makes me laugh.

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