Welcome to My Brain!

Oh hello….. (If you didn’t think about John Mulaney and Nick Kroll you have not had enough tuna.)

My name is Emma McCoy and I am a 19 year old college student/paranormal investigation enthusiast. I attend The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. but I am originally from outside of Philadelphia. I grew up begrudgingly playing sports, being chubby, and hoping to become a broadway star. Although I still hope to get miraculously discovered and take Jessie Mueller’s place in Waitress, my current Broadway career consists of performing in the shower. Tickets to stand outside of the bathroom door are on sale for $900!!! $1,000 and you can sit on the toilet and listen, with the shower curtain closed, of course.

I have a wide variety interests (probably too many) and they are all tied together with humor. Call it sappy, but being able to laugh at yourself, others, and life in general is so important to me. My goal for this blog is to freely write about the ridiculous situations I find myself in or random thoughts I have, and hopefully make a few people laugh along the way. So I vow to you, readers (or possibly just my mom, love you mom.) that I will try my hardest to help you find some humor and laughter in your day. As a lover of comedy, I have many people who inspire me and obvious reasons why: Mindy Kaling’s confidence and her right to “life, liberty and chicken wings”; Bo Burham’s intellect and wonderfully lanky body; Amy Poehler and everything about her character “Leslie Knope”; and the first stand up comic I ever listened to, the always hungry, Jim Gaffigan. Who, by the way, spoke at convocation during Catholic’s graduation this year and I missed it. I am not pleased. Another side note: Jim (I get to use just his first name because we’re friends) favorited two of my tweets before. No paparazzi. Most importantly, my two biggest comedic inspirations are my brothers. I will probably steal some of their jokes. Oops.

And yes, I am inspired by Bo Burnham’s WONDERFULLY lanky body.

If you’re not a fan of standup NOT TO FEAR. I really just mentioned those to show that I’m not a rookie when it comes to all things funny and (occasionally) know what I am talking about. I’ll probably write about Game of Thrones and the wedgies I have walking to class more frequently than standup comedy. However, if you don’t like GOT, try.

So, welcome to my brain and I hope you have at least giggled today. If not watch this video of Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind man. You’re welcome.

🙂 Emma

My brothers, Mike and Aaron. The middle child, Aaron, is left behind as usual.


A somewhat accurate portrayal of what I look like. It really shows off that I try too hard for selfies.




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